CK-12….where have you been all my life??

Alright, so as a current special education educator, I work with students in one classroom, spread throughout 4 different grade levels on “paper” (currently grades 5-8), but who academically are spread from grades 1-8 with their academic needs.  This makes it very difficult to plan lessons that can be taught to the entire class that are meeting curricular outcomes for those particular grade levels.  I am constantly searching for assistance to help my students develop their skills and academics, while continuing to engage them.

The discovery of CK-12 is a perfect solution. I began looking at the website, and what initially caught my eye was the CK-12 MAP. Upon clicking it open, I quickly realized the network of educators and students using this resource.

Source: CK-12 Maps

I mean look at this… it is absolutely amazing how many users are engaged in this resources from around the world.  I did notice there wasn’t a ton of Canadian users, so wondered if the content was applicable to the Canadian, and Saskatchewan Curriculum. But I thought it had to be good, with this many red dots.

Testimonials are important….to hear users opinions really matter to me. I found this video which made me even more intrigued to investigate CK-12 and why I could love it or hate it.

Diving deeper into CK-12 I was able the subjects offered, and the list is extensive.

Source: CK-12 subjects

From various grades, to various subjects, I was intrigued to explore more. th website itself was extremely user friendly. I quickly created an account using my email and password. From there I was able to navigate through the various subjects and grade levels, exploring with CK-12 had to offer.

Looking at several subjects I noticed many student friendly and teacher friendly options.  There are a lot of visual resources through videos, and graphs.  There are also discussion questions which occur frequently to engage students in the learning process. Activities also accompany the lessons which encourage the students to be active learners. The website is extremely clear and visually appealing as well.

Some great things that stuck out to me were:

  1. Flexbooks – online textbooks which were subject specific
  2. Simulations
  3. PLIX

Seriously, these are amazing.  I am very excited to use these in my classroom and with my students.  I am also very excited to share this with my colleagues and co-professionals.  What a fabulous resource!! I suggest you check it out.

Teacher GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Source: Giphy



KETO whilst sick…. is no laughing matter!

Ok, so this week has not gone as planned.  I had the ‘not so pleasure’ of getting sick.

Sick Ferris Buellers Day Off GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY


Let me tell you that when one is ill, remaining KETO is very difficult.

Think about when you get sick…. what are the things that make you feel better?

  1. Chicken Noodle Soup
  2. Toast
  3. Soda Crackers
  4. Juice
  5. Tea with lemon and honey
  6. Halls
  7. NyQuil

All these items have carbs, carbs, carbs, with a side of carbs in them. So it was extremely difficult to stay on track.  What also happens when you are ill is that you lie around….and THINK a lot, which doesn’t help the “feeling sorry for yourself” attitude that has developed.

So then I started to question…. is it worth staying in ketosis whilst ill?? I thought and thought about this and came to the conclusion that it was.  I suffered last week and shared on my blog about how getting back into ketosis after my sushi supper was so awful, and seriously it is NOT worth it again. No thanks…no way. I will just deal with this.

I had a lot of time to surf the net and found some great sites to support people living a KETO woe and getting sick. I found this blog post, from someone discussing similar issues to mine.

I also discovered bone broth.  Now let me tell you, it is the most fantastic discovery that I have made. I have made homemade soup before, but always seem to add a lot of “stuff” into the soup, which makes it not very KETO friendly. I then found this video, and decided to make it.

My broth ended up being devine, and seriously I sipped this stuff for several days while laying in bed.  While sipping, continuing to think about this bone broth, and where I could enjoy this within the city.  I have (prior to KETO) frequented PHOmilu in Regina, and wondered if their broth was KETO friendly.  Wondering, I made a phone call and asked  some questions:

  1. How do you make your PHO broth?
  2. Are there any added sugars or carbohydrates in your broth?
  3. What are the main ingredients in your broth?
  4. How long does your broth cook before it is served?
  5. Do you sell just your broth (without any added noodles, or vegetables inside)?

I was very happy to receive all the KETO friendly answers to my questions.

2065 Prince of Wales Drive East

I am starting to realize the importance of asking questions to meet my needs, and how lovely people truly are in giving information out. If ever you are in need of some delicious soup, or food in general, PHOmilu is where it’s at. They have 2 locations, one in east Regina, near Superstore and Winners, the second location on Victoria Ave, very close to FreshAir Experience.

639 Victoria Ave. Source: Google Maps

I am so happy that I made it through my sick week, and still remained in KETOSIS. Thanks for reading….until next week.

Sharing is caring and Remixing is creating

By definition, remixing is “to combine or edit existing materials to produce something new – originally to music” (Ze Frank)

When discussing “remixing”, I automatically think of the creativity involved in doing so.  One typically thinks of “remixing” in today’s generation using social media and various technologies, but remixing has been around for many years, and as Ze Frank states in his My Web Playroom Ted Talk  stated “remixing has been around for along as we have been alive”.

I recall, when I was young, I would remix to learn concepts.  From scientific formulas, to memorizing facts, I would remix using a catchy tune, or phrase that I would remember. I would copy, transform and combine, in order to recall information. As a parent I remixed with my kids all the time…teaching them how to spell their names or to remember their address and phone number….remixing occurs for all ages, and for many past generations, but frequently in today’s generation. Here is an example of a remix I found that shows just how useful remixing is for today’s generation.

Today, we refer to remixing as using technologies that are appealing to the younger generation which are driven by social media and various apps.

I Learned From That Justin Bieber GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Using this concept unlocks creativity and allows more learning to occur. Remixing is the literacy of this generation.  It is how this generations speaks, and it’s who they are.  Larry Lessig conquers by saying that remixing is a tool for speaking, and that it cannot be considered piracy, but must be seen as a creative culture that we must encourage and support, not punish and ignore. He also suggests that youth now are very different then us, and it is because of the technologies that exist in today’s society.  He indicated that rather than our youth constantly living life “against the law”, we should embrace this inventiveness.  Ze Frank  agrees and states that “we must be joyful and celebrate the fun being had.”  These new forms or empowerment create stronger voices and should be celebrated as forms of communication. We must “do better for our kids” (Lessig).

Moving on to Sharing – Being a Moral Imperative I have to agree with Roberta when she speaks of the culture of sharing.  As educators, historically we are famous for working in our “own bubbles”, independently closing our doors and teaching our students, but this seems to be detrimental to the education of students. According to Dean Shareski, Sharing – Being a Moral Imperative; “education is entirely built on sharing, and it is our obligation to not only teach students in the building, but beyond.” How can we do this?? How can we create and work within this “sharing revolution”.Image result for teacher sharing I understand that for some it is too much to share, but for others, it is what drives them and they can’t get enough. I feel that there are many ways to share professionally, while still ensuring that recognition is given to those who are contributing.  Websites like Teachers Pay Teachers and Share My Lessons are a few sites, which allow teachers to share their work, while still being recognized for their contributions and creativity.  Rather than “reinventing the wheel” as Roberta stated, why not share our great ideas…ideas that students loved, or maybe didn’t love. As professionals with students needs being at the forefront, it is essential to share in order to make students’ lives richer due to the culture of sharing.  According to Shareski “students are the direct beneficiaries of sharing”…and isn’t this ultimately why we do what we do….for the students?



A rough week….with a great surprise!!!

Alright… I just have to say…and I am going to say it out loud…. I HATE HALLOWEEN! I truly dislike everything about it… from the ridiculously expensive costumes (and I have 3 boys, so it can get costly), to parties, to horror shows, trick or treating and the candy. Now let’s just talk about CANDY!! I am a sugar-aholic.  I love sweet things, and at Halloween there are so many delicious little morsels of sweetness that I just want to consume.  Now obviously KETO does not suggest consuming sugar is following this WOE because they are processed sugars and of course CARBS, so this week has been rough.

On October 31st, I took my 2 youngest kids (my oldest went with his friends) Trick or Treating, and let me say that they got an INSANE amount of candy. The haul included almost 200 bags of chips, 16 full sized chocolate bars, 3 full sized cans of pop and half a superstore green bin of mini chocolate bars and other candy.  I am ecstatic to say that I have not gone crazy with the candy.  I have eaten 2 small chocolate bars and a piece of candy since Halloween and stayed within my macros for the day.  I say WIN-WIN….and you know what… I have to truly say that I am not missing the candy, nor am I craving it.  These sugar cravings are gone since I started KETOing.

I diligently tracked my macros this week because my husband and I decided that we were going to go out for a SUSHI supper on Saturday night.  I know this would completely kick me out of ketosis, but I really don’t care.  I have to live, and I feel that I can enjoy these things if I plan accordingly.  This would be the first time eating out since I started this KETO woe, so when I woke up Saturday morning I was a bit apprehensive.  What if it kicks my cravings back?  What if all my hard work is ruined?   These questions raced through my head.  I expressed them to my husband and he told me I should weigh myself to see the progress that I have made.  I haven’t stepped on the scale since September, but as I mentioned in my previous post, I know things are changing because my clothes are fitting way differently. So I hesitantly get on the scale and WOWZA…. I was pleasantly surprised to see 20 pounds gone.  a


So my husband and I went and enjoyed Sushi and a date night at our favorite sushi place.  It was really great to go out, but I really am suffering now.  I am back suffering from the KETO flu. Headache and nauseous.  Not as bad as the first time around, but I am really not enjoying this.  Hopefully this horrible feeling will subside quickly. My plan after Sushi was to eat extremely high fat, extremely low protein and absolutely now carbs. Hopefully this will kick me back into ketosis quickly…. stay tuned.




The Walking “Bread”

Courtesy – My Fitness Pal

This week has definitely been a learning experience.  My first week of truly calculating my “macros” which involved using measuring cups and food scales for every meal. It has taken some getting used to, and I must be diligent in documenting all my food intake in order for my macros to be accurate.  I have learned this week to pre-pack all my meals, measure my macros and document them on My Fitness Pal App even before I actually consume the food, in order to be successful. If I don’t track my macros this way, I tend to eat, without tracking, and have actually forgotten or missed food that I ate.  This won’t help in ensuring I remain within my carbohydrate allotment, and remain in ketosis. So what worked for me this week and what I will continue to do is prep, pack, record and consume (in that order). If I don’t consume all my food, then it’s a bonus, and I will remove them in the evening.  I feel it’s easier to delete, then add some forgot foods.

Before I started this KETO woe I had been to the doctor and was informed that I was pre-diabetic.  I was terrified… through 3 pregnancies I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes, and was insulin dependent.  I did whatever I needed to do to ensure that my children were born healthy and happy.  Now, 5 years after my youngest child’s birth, I was told that I was pre-diabetic and that being a diabetic was pretty much inevitable. Researching the KETO woe and the negative affects of carbohydrates on the body, I came across this amazing TED TALK.  It puts everything into perspective.

Our bodies don’t require carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are essentially killing us, especially me who is insulin resistant.  Let me tell you that when I had gestational diabetes I met regularly with a team of doctors, including endocrinologists, OB-GYNs, nurses, and dieticians. All who told me the same thing…consume healthy carbohydrates, increase fibre, snack before bed to ensure you don’t suffer and insulin drop, and make sure you take your insulin.  At the time, I was naïve and followed the directions of the medical professionals.  I experienced low blood sugars, which were the worst feeling in my life…. I felt disoriented, clammy, groggy, and absolutely awful.  How to fix these, eat carbs….. a lot of them, and ingest them quickly. Funny how it was the carbs and insulin that were causing these lows, but I treated them with more carbs, and ultimately more insulin. I am closely watching my blood sugar levels now, testing after fasting through the night, as well as after meals.  I am hoping that in November, after 3 months on the KETO woe,  I will receive blood work again, with positive results.  All I know is that if I am not consuming carbohydrates, my body isn’t negatively being affected.

Crazy though, that even knowing how carbohydrates negatively affect my body I still crave them.1508707419063282630936.jpg Some pasta or a slice of bread. Oh how a sandwich (which I haven’t eaten in 7 weeks) would taste so delicious right now.  When you are eating this way, you really notice how carbohydrates are EVERYWHERE!!

Then I found this, which is a complete game changer. 90 second KETO bread….. you make in the microwave.

90 second bread!!!

I made it…. it was incredible.  I enjoyed a sausage and egger on KETO bread and then later on in the week I enjoyed a hamburger…on a KETO bun. YES!!!! I tweaked the recipe from the first time… to  make it more “bunny” by using butter instead of coconut oil. This was really what I needed, and only 1 net carb per bun.  Fits extremely well into my KETO macros.

These two meals were delicious, and low in carbohydrates. They felt like I wasn’t depriving myself. After discovering this recipe I feel that I can continue to eat this way and enjoy meals.  I am not feeling at all deprived, but excited to continue and see positive results.

Check out my KETO woe next week.  I will continue to experiment with new recipes including bullet proof coffee, and may possible step on the scale for some results.  Stay tuned…..

Are we just slacktivists???

Researching the idea of social activism drew me to really self examine myself and my “social activism participation.” slacktivismBeing active on various social media sites, I feel it essential for me to really be self aware of my participation in this type of activism. I came across the term slacktivism, and after doing some serious research thought to myself…..”am I a slacktivist?” “Am I part of the trendy, shallow, effortless group of people who say they are social activists, but in reality are slacktivists?” “If so, is slacktivism a bad thing?

In order to answer my questions I first had to define Slacktivists. Simply put slacktivists are people who participate in feel good measures that support a cause that requires minimal personal effort.  The key here is MINIMAL effort. By clicking a link, wearing a bracelet, sharing a post or signing an online petition, many people feel that this is enough to support a cause. Is it? Do these minimal actions really do anything to support issues in our society.  Or do they just allow social media users to pretend they are activists, when in reality they care…but don’t really care enough.

I came across an article “The Death of Slacktivism” which really clarified a slacktivist to me.  Those more interested in appearing socially conscious than actually doing something to get involved is becoming a norm in today’s society.  People don’t really seem to want to get their hands dirty, or make a big stink about social issues, but they want to show their support that if someone wanted to go that direction, they would be there in spirit. I truly feel that gone are the days of bra burning and sit-ins, and more are the days of wrist bands, go fund me pages, and online petitions.

I struggle with the idea of slactivism because I think it may make things worse. I truly feel that words don’t matter as much as actions when it comes to supporting a cause. One can not, and should not just be an activist on social media, but be an activist in mind, body, spirit and actions. I feel that slacktivism is creating an issue with true support for causes. Slactivism hinders the importance of in person, boots on the ground activism, that truly makes a difference.

How often are emails ignored from activists trying to support a cause. Hashtags, social media comments are read, but really what is done?

slack round of applause

Not much. Sure it may make society a bit more aware of issues that are occurring, but really are issues more “band wagons” that people jump on, just to “be involved”.  Are a lot of the issues presented just gimmicks? Hashtags created by people who really won’t follow through with anything. Our natural instincts want us to help others… so does this satisfy our natural need? Or is this just a huge problem with slactivism? 

Am I saying slactivism doesn’t work? SORT OF!!! Slactivism raises online awareness of topics, but it really doesn’t get stuff done. Today’s society of tweeters and bloggers must stop hiding behind their screens and start making a true difference through actions…not shares.

Check out my poll, I am interested to see how people see themselves. Slactivist or not??

Until next time…..



What the heck are macros????

So apparently calculating “macros” is a MUST now in the eating and fitness world.  So what the heck are “macros”?  Well I have done a lot of reading and have come up with this simple explanation….

Macronutrients, or “macros,” are the building blocks of nutrition. The typical person knows and refers to them as carbohydrates, proteins, and fats. Macros are the nutrients you need in large amounts, because they provide the body with the calories it needs to function. Understanding macros can help lay a solid foundation for a balanced keto diet.

Carbohydrate + Protein + Fat = Total Calories

It is recommended by the health professionals that we have been following for many years to eat the following daily percentages of macros:

Carbohydrate: 45 to 65 percent

Protein: 10 to 35 percent

Fat: 20 to 35 percent

A person eating KETO eats the following daily percentages for macros:

Carbohydrates: 3 – 5 percent

Protein: 24 – 27 percent

Fat: 72 – 78 percent

WOWZA…. what a difference.  Well this is what the KETO WOE is all about.  Extremely reduced carbohydrates, moderate protein and high fat intake so the body is forced to burn fat as an energy source because it is depleted in carbohydrates.


So off I went to calculate the necessary macros I need for the KETO WOE and weight loss.  Up to this time, I was guessing…. but now things are about to get serious.  There are many different sites that you can google to calculate your macros, but I found this one to be the easiest.

After plugging in all my numbers, height, weight, gender, body fat percentage and activity level, I received my macro circle. I was given 3 choices, depending on what my goals were.  I chose the second option, simply because I want to loose weight, in a healthy manner and be able to maintain what I am doing in the future.


So the goal to be on the KETO WOE is to eat…..

CARBOHYDRATES – 4% or 20 grams

PROTEINS: 24% or 113 grams

FATS:  72% or 151 grams.

I can do this… I will do this.

Stay tuned for next week to see how a week of tracking my macros, and trying out some new recipes goes.