Summarizing my learning in EC&I 831…

Here is a summary of my learning and growth this semester.  I really had fun making this and will definitely be using this program with my students.

Please click through to listen to my story. Enjoy!!


The results are in… but I am not done yet!!

Ok, so the past 3 months, I have really made some significant changes to myself.  Not only have I learned from an amazing group of people so much about technology and social media within education, but I have also learned specific skills from so many of you.  Some examples of learning were from organizing with Coralee, crocheting from Ryan, designing through watercolor from Jaque, about Whey protein and HIIT workouts from Matt, and some crazy awesome math tricks from Sapna.  I apologize for not naming you all, but I truly enjoyed everyone’s blogs and comments this semester.  What a wonderful, and diverse group of amazing professionals.  I feel honored to have spent these past few months with you.

Beginning this journey of KETO eating, I was extremely nervous and skeptical.  I had tried and failed so many times before at various things that I was again afraid to put myself out there.  But I made the decision…to be honest…and vulnerable.  To show truly what I am going through, and not to sugar coat the journey.

I am proud of myself, for sticking to this, and I really think that my efforts, dedication and honesty to myself, and to everyone have really paid off.

I feel this WOE is my new norm.  I think that the results both physically that I can see and feel, but also in my blood work have convinced me that this is my new norm. Am I going to enjoy carbs once and a while…YES…. but am I going back to what I used to do NO!! All I can do is say it out loud and commit.  This will be a day-by-day lifestyle that I will have to consciously be aware of, and plan for.  I know I can do it. I want to be healthier for not only myself, but for my family.

Thanks everyone…..

The bloodwork results are in…..


Ok, so last week I mentioned that I had blood work taken before I started this KETO journey, and I had the same bloodwork taken again last week. The results are in and they are very interesting. I was really looking for my  cholesterol levels and blood glucose levels.  Prior to me starting KETO, I was considered pre-diabetic, and pretty darn close to being a diabetic.


The results are in and they are drastic…. and AWESOME!!

The biggest thing here is that I went from a pre-diabetic to a non-diabetic in less than 5 months, over 3 of those months eating KETO.  I also found it insane to see that my cholesterol levels, even though they did increase, are still well within healthy ranges.  So I can eat all the fat and still be healthy….actually healthier that before.  Its so crazy!! I am diligently taking several vitamins to ensure I am receiving enough.

I take Biotin and Folic acid for hair health, as I have been noticing that I am losing a bit more hair that normal.  My hairdresser indicated that this is normal with a change in diet.  She, as well as my physician, recommended these 2 vitamins.  I am also taking a multi-vitamin, as well as a vitamin B complex. NOTE: cheapest place to purchase all these is your friendly, neighborhood COSTCO.

When I received these results, my physician took me off of three medications that I was on for high blood pressure as well as something for diabetics and another one for acid reflux . Three less meds, which leaves me taking vitamins as well as one that I will take forever, and is not related to diet.  My physician also asked me so many questions.  She expressed to me that she was going to a “lunch and learn” and wanted to present my results to other physicians. Of course I agreed.

So much good has come from this way of eating.

  1. reduced medication
  2. improvement in blood sugar levels
  3. change in cholesterol levels, well within the healthy range
  4. weight loss
  5. influencing people to make positive changes to their way of eating

I will take these improvements to my health with open arms…

Next week, I will have my weight and measurements completed…. I am nervous yet excited….

See you next week for that big reveal….

Until then, I will continue to eat my bacon, and enjoy life.


Create your own story with STORY JUMPER….

Great task this week, to explore an app or a website that I have never used that would assist me in my teaching profession. I think I have found a very cool site that can make students published authors.  What a neat concept.  Story Jumper allows people from very young, to very old,  create their own stories.  And not only is the story an original creation, but it can also be printed, and sent to the author.  How cool is that? As a young student, creating your own plotline, then transferring that story online, and then receiving a hard copy, in your hands a few weeks later. This is awesome.

I spent some time playing around with Story Jumper and really liked what I saw.

The first thing I did was created an account as an educator.  I was asked my location and school name.  Easy Peasy. I then went through a quick tutorial for teachers on how to navigate and start class lists. 

I explored the teacher page, and was pumped to find an explanation of the types of books that can be created.  I was also excited how they were link able to the grade level outcomes for the Saskatchewan Curriculum.



The next thing I did was watch a tutorial, which showed me how to maneuver through the site. .

I then, began playing around with the books, and creating a sample.

Cool…. user friendly things that I found:

  1. Choices of story book formats
  2. Various themes available
  3. Students can start from scratch with an idea, or use some suggestions to get themselves started.
  4. Option to use pre-generated images
  5. Option to download personal images from my own photo gallery
  6. Voice recording option
  7. Option to create animated characters for the storybook
  8. You can order the book – various options from Hard Covered to 1 free black and white copy per user.

Some Cons that I found were:

  1. Graphics offered were not the most appealing; feeling a bit outdated
  2. Does not pick up grammar and spelling errors, which is challenging when working with younger students
  3. younger students may need a little more hands on help to work through the site.

Here is a personal comment from my son Thomas.


I would definitely give this site a…..

Zach Reino Thumbs Up GIF by Earwolf - Find & Share on GIPHY


Some modernizing required, but really liked so many things about this.  I will be using it in my class.

Until next week….



Show me your keto ways….

So it’s awesome to have people really interested in my growth and development during my KETO WOE.  I have actually influenced people through my blog, various posts and personal conversations to try this woe, and they are seeing great success as well. Check out these testimonials….

Friends are reaching out to learn more about what this way of eating entails, and I am truly welcoming the comments.  I am by no means an expert, but because I am seeing such great success, people want to know….and I want to tell.


Some commonalities that people have mentioned who are eating KETO are:

  1. mental clarity
  2. better sleep
  3. little to no hunger
  4. no energy highs and lows (stable all day)
  5. no “hangry” episodes
  6. drastic decrease in migraine headaches

I have experienced all of these…

I am going to continue eating high fat, moderate protein and low carbs, and sharing what I have learned with whoever wants to listen.  Stay tuned…..



It takes a village of champions….

I have to begin by agreeing with Lindy when she stated on her blog  “This week’s TedTalk video was likely my favorite this semester.”

I am going to take a little bit of a different look at sharing.  I value and appreciate all Open Educational Resources I receive and use in my classrooms.  Without these, I honestly don’t know if I have the creativity to survive as a teacher. OERs are freely accessible, openly licensed documents and media that are useful for teaching, learning, and assessment, as well as for research purposes. I have come to realize that teachers at all levels are becoming more involved in the OER movement because they believe in the value of creativity and benefits to sharing.  Its a natural connection.

I want to talk about sharing, outside of the classroom, and more in regards to sharing within the family, community and school.  As a special education educator, I spend endless hours with students, families and community resources, around the conference table ensuring all the needs of the student are met.  Looking past the academic needs, but really targeting the students’ basic needs.

Image Credit:

When examining a students’ basic needs, one automatically thinks of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.  As Steven Johnson stated in his TedTalk “Where Good Ideas Come From” when he spoke of researcher Kevin Dunbar who suggested,  that “all important ideas happened at the conference table.”  I feel this to be totally true.  Monthly, I meet with all the essential people in my student’s lives.  The people that truly care of the success and the well being of the student… and we share. We share the good, the bad, and the ugly.  The environment is safe, and honest.  Everyone understands the goal which is the success of the student, not only in school, but in social settings and outside of school.

To me, sharing is collaborating. It’s a “liquid network where lots of ideas and backgrounds lead to innovation” (Johnson, TedTalk) … and when people think innovation, they think of new items, or amazing inventions, but I think of student success. Locally, there are several agencies which assist in collaborating for the success of the student.  We share resources, and information in order to meet a student’s Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. Locally, the major agencies include The Regina Intersectoral Partnership (TRip), 

Randall Kinship Center, Child and Youth, and ARC. 

It is so imperative that as educators we access the village. The village will include OERs, safety agencies, mental health professionals, and various other educators. Every student needs a champion in their corner…champion educators collaborate and share, to not only better themselves, but to better their students.  This is an amazing TedTalk with Rita Pierson and a must watch.

I understand that my viewpoint took a little bit of a different turn, but I truly felt it necessary to think beyond the sharing of lessons, textbooks, and activities, and more towards the sharing of resources and ideas that will assist in the success of the student; mental, physically and spiritually.
Thanks for reading.

CK-12….where have you been all my life??

Alright, so as a current special education educator, I work with students in one classroom, spread throughout 4 different grade levels on “paper” (currently grades 5-8), but who academically are spread from grades 1-8 with their academic needs.  This makes it very difficult to plan lessons that can be taught to the entire class that are meeting curricular outcomes for those particular grade levels.  I am constantly searching for assistance to help my students develop their skills and academics, while continuing to engage them.

The discovery of CK-12 is a perfect solution. I began looking at the website, and what initially caught my eye was the CK-12 MAP. Upon clicking it open, I quickly realized the network of educators and students using this resource.

Source: CK-12 Maps

I mean look at this… it is absolutely amazing how many users are engaged in this resources from around the world.  I did notice there wasn’t a ton of Canadian users, so wondered if the content was applicable to the Canadian, and Saskatchewan Curriculum. But I thought it had to be good, with this many red dots.

Testimonials are important….to hear users opinions really matter to me. I found this video which made me even more intrigued to investigate CK-12 and why I could love it or hate it.

Diving deeper into CK-12 I was able the subjects offered, and the list is extensive.

Source: CK-12 subjects

From various grades, to various subjects, I was intrigued to explore more. th website itself was extremely user friendly. I quickly created an account using my email and password. From there I was able to navigate through the various subjects and grade levels, exploring with CK-12 had to offer.

Looking at several subjects I noticed many student friendly and teacher friendly options.  There are a lot of visual resources through videos, and graphs.  There are also discussion questions which occur frequently to engage students in the learning process. Activities also accompany the lessons which encourage the students to be active learners. The website is extremely clear and visually appealing as well.

Some great things that stuck out to me were:

  1. Flexbooks – online textbooks which were subject specific
  2. Simulations
  3. PLIX

Seriously, these are amazing.  I am very excited to use these in my classroom and with my students.  I am also very excited to share this with my colleagues and co-professionals.  What a fabulous resource!! I suggest you check it out.

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